How Does CBT Work?

Recent reports have highlighted Mindfulness, a meditative technique aimed at focussing the mind on the present moment, can produce measurable improvements in symptoms of anxiety and depression, and alleviate feelings of stress and enhance the quality of life.

NICE, (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) has approved Mindfulness CBT for the management of recurrent depression in the NHS. Unfortunately, most of our local Clinical Commissioning Groups are not commissioning Mindfulness CBT.

Ruby Wax, the former comedienne, has now studied and retrained in Mindfulness and written about it in her book “Sane New World”. Her professor Mark Williams at Oxford University calls it “a direct knowing of what is going on inside and outside of ourselves, moment by moment.”

I studied Mindfulness CBT at the renowned Oxford Centre for Cognitive Therapy and I provide Mindfulness techniques to help patients maintain progress when they have completed their CBT treatment.

If you feel Mindfulness would be helpful for you, please contact Joy Scholes at Greenacre CBT to discuss undertaking a one to one programme.  The programme requires a daily practice in order for the techniques to be effective.

For more information about CBT and how I can help you, please contact me on 01462 700220 or email

How does CBT work?

Regain control of your life.

“I found my sessions regarding anxiety and depression really useful, then I did some Mindfulness and I was amazed how much it has helped me. I am much calmer and enjoy practicing the techniques. It was a great addition for me to have this as part of my therapy and so unexpected!”