Christmas Present Suggestion

A lovely stocking filler, and particularly helpful for teenagers suffering with anxiety and depression is a book "A Toolkit for Modern Life" by Dr Emma Hepburn.

This is a great little book with lovely cartoons illustrating Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Dr Hepburn has an Instagram following and says everything in her book that I say to my clients plus great illustrations. It's a lovely gift for these difficult times. Adults will find it helpful as well as young people.


Improve your wellbeing

Dr Rangan Chattergee's new book “Feel Better in 5: Your daily plan to Feel Great For Life” offers a great plan of “Health Snacks”  of 5 mins, to help everyone feel better about themselves. The snacks cover Mind, Body, and Heart and are an easy and practical way to start improving your overall wellbeing. Visit his website ...


Complementary Medicine

We are very fortunate in having the Letchworth Centre for Complimentary Medicine locally. The Centre has a range of practitioners covering health and fitness, and offering a range of treatments and classes and one off workshops on a range of topics, including Alexander Technique, Tai Chi, and Yoga all at reasonable prices. Worth a look at what they offer. Visit their website...

News from Greenacre CBT

"CBT Therapy has helped me to overcome long held anxieties and allowed me to look to the future in a more positive frame of mind and free from fear."

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