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Clinical Supervision


“Joy was my lifesaver, as I had failed my CTSR on my IAPT training programme due lack of adequate supervision in my NHS team. Over Zoom Joy quickly helped me improve my practice and the academic learning began fall into place. She listened to my tapes, and gave specific advice to improve my performance. The role plays we did were demanding, but I learnt so much. As my resubmission was due we had three sessions. Proof of the pudding I passed my resubmitted tape with a vastly improved mark. I will never forget that very timely help and support”

Male –on IAPT sponsored CBT training programme. (Now a fully CBT accredited therapist)

“Supervision is the bedrock of good CBT. How lucky I am I found Joy to help me develop my clinical skills and practice. We do computer linked supervision for two sessions and then we meet up. This has proved to be a good compromise for me with my time and travel constraints.”

“I was lucky Joy supervised me as Trainee on my P/G Training Course, she gave me clear direction and help when I was floundering. It is due to her I can deliver CBT to patients in the way they deserve and I passed my course with flying colours.”

BG - Accredited CBT therapist

“Having been a CBT Therapist for over ten years and therefore having had supervision from a number of different supervisors over the years, I can confidently say that Joy provides excellent clinical supervision, able to guide me in getting to the heart of blocks to progress in therapy, ensuring I keep to CBT principles in treatment, discussing up-to-date research, and consistently delivering helpful feedback about my skills as a clinician which allows me to continue developing and learning.”

CM - Accredited CBT Therapist

“Joy has acted as my supervisor through two separate courses of professional development. I’ve hugely valued her input and come to greatly admire her professional approach. It has also been refreshing to be able to discuss how the new skills I am learning are applied in the context of my business. Because of her background, it has been possible for our support and supervision sessions to cover topics as diverse as staffing and business administration in addition to the core skills. In truth, Joy has done a great deal more than supervise me; she has been a coach, a guide and, where necessary, a teacher. I have gained so much more from the courses I have undertaken because of her involvement.”

EV - MSc BSc (hons) MAC MBPsS, MD Coaching Company

“I have been receiving clinical supervision from Joy since October 2012. I have found her to be easily approachable, supportive and possessing knowledge that has guided me in my interventions with a number of clinical situations on which I sought clarity. She supported me in my application for BABCP accreditation, and is always available to contact outside of my scheduled supervision sessions should the need arise.”

MQ – CBT Therapist (male)

“I cannot speak too highly about my supervision with Joy. She practices what she preaches, and models CBT in supervision, which had not been my previous experience. I am a much better CBT therapist now as a result of her supervision of my clinical practice.”

AS - CBT Therapist (female)

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